Going to the ice cream parlor!

Get into the grind cool your passions

We chew it on hot summer days but we will also enjoy it in the warmth of our home although the thermometer shows deep below zero and a snowstorm rushes past the windows.  Ice cream is an essential part of our diet.  Even people adhering to various reduction and other diets do not have to deny their consumption.
Was your smile frozen?  So she is properly frozen!

We are engaged in the production and distribution of ice cream mixtures of all conceivable flavors.  We also produce powder mixtures for machines for making ice cream.  We also offer several rows of ice cream topped with various toppings and pastes decorated with chocolate shavings nuts sponge-cake fruit pieces.  Fat-free and sugar-reduced are our fruit sorbets.

To make the enjoyment of the ice cream sold perfect we have for you kournouty bowls wafers toppers fruit syrups cups umbrellas and other ornamental elements.

Going to the ice cream parlor!
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