can be completed with a display.  Or the entire control panel.  Which must be waterproof.  And specially designed.  This display is connected to the entire nozzle system and the panel controls the entire structure.
The whirlpool can always be different in shape.  It can be in the shape of a square rectangle circle and oval.  Depending on where the spa is to come.  If we have her out or if we have her at home.  Nowadays a new kind of inflatable is being made.  It's good if we want to store this bath but it has no advantage.  Water heating takes longer.  Aesthetically it does not fit into the interior.  It's just a cheaper option.

Whirlpool is an expensive affair.  It is more than one hundred thousand crowns.  Mostly the price goes up to half a million.  Not everyone can buy this bath.  Whoever has it at home however can never allow it.

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